The first page of the story as first published in Household Words in 1856.

The Wreck of the "Golden Mary" by Charles Dickens and others

The Wreck of the "Golden Mary" was first published in the Christmas issue of Household Words in 1856.

Household Words was a London-based weekly magazine edited by Charles Dickens. The magazine contained serialized stories by many now-famous writers.

In the magazine, Dickens would often collaborate with other writers, particularly on special issues, and this story is one of those collaborations. Here, different sections of the book are written from the perspective of some of the characters who feature in the story. The idea being that each section of the story was written by a different writer. The writers were: 

> Wilkie Collins

> Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald

> Harriet Parr

> Adelaide Anne Procter 

> James White 

> and, of course, Charles Dickens himself.

The story follows the journey of the sailing ship, Golden Mary, her crew and passengers as they attempt to travel from Liverpool to California.

Paperback, 9.2 inches × 6.1 inches; 234mm × 156mm; 88 pages

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Chapter 1 The Wreck

The Captain by Charles Dickens 

John Steadiman by Wilkie Collins 

Chapter 2 The Beguilement in the Boats

The Armourer by Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald 

Poor Dick by Harriet Parr 

The Supercargo by Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald 

The Old Seaman by Adelaide Anne Procter

The Scotch Boy by James White 

Chapter 3 The Deliverance

Wilkie Collins

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