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Gerard Wells first joined the navy in 1893 at the age of thirteen and worked his way up to the rank of Rear-Admiral before retiring in 1930. After his naval service, Wells was director general of the Egyptian ports and lighthouses administration and was awarded the KBE in 1937. He died in 1943.

“A Chip off the Old Block.”

Naval Customs and Traditions by Gerard Wells

This book is for all those interested in the history of the Royal Navy.

First published in 1930, Naval Customs and Traditions gives explanations on the origins of the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy.

In this new edition from Solis Press, as well as including the twelve drawings from the first edition, there are over 30 additional images to illustrate some of the terms listed.

Do you know:

> What to be fitted to an affigraphy means?

> What is to fleet up?

> What did the parson’s yeoman do?

This useful reference book will give you the answers.

Presented in a helpful alphabetical format, the book can be read as a whole, used to access information quickly, or dipped into.

Paperback, 10 inches × 7 inches; 254mm × 178mm; 116 pages

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“Weighing Anchor.”

“The Sailor’s Progress.”

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