Sailors’ Language: A Collection of Sea-terms and their Definitions by William Clark Russell

The Publisher is pleased to be able to offer this new edition of William Clark Russell’s 1883 A–Z listing of sea-terms. It is hoped that the book will enhance the reader’s enjoyment of Mr. Clark Russell’s many fine seafaring stories.

This edition includes an appendix with drawings of a ship’s sails and four types of ships defined in this book.

Mr. Clark Russell writes: 

This little volume is the fruits of an occasional spell of leisure. It is offered to the public because many might be glad to possess a cheap book of convenient size that would enable them to satisfy themselves without trouble about the meaning of nautical words often met with, but not always intelligible. I do not pretend that it is exhaustive—scores of words of which I may never have heard, are no doubt wanting; nor will I affirm that every term is accurately defined, though I have done my best to be exact.

Paperback, 10 inches × 7 inches; 254mm × 178mm; 154 pages

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William Clark Russell in 1893.

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