“In Sentiment, Vincent O’Sullivan performs the neatest job of skinning his characters alive that I ever saw. He has written a book too delicate in its surgery to be called satire, about some people—who as it were—fall in love. There are all sorts of opportunities to stab them, but his knife cuts lightly and swiftly and gently, just under the surface hardly hurting them!” 

The Liberator, March 1918

Sentiment and other stories by Vincent O'Sullivan

“In what a midnight his soul seems to walk! and what maladies he draws from the moon!”

In Sentiment, Vincent O’Sullivan looks inside the lives of a group of middle-class English people just before the start of the first world war. The story centres around the love a airs of four young people and how they interact. O’Sullivan picks apart his characters’ cares and concerns and shows how these are trivial when we know what was about to happen to them and their world.

Also included in this edition are the following short stories:


> The End of a Family

> The Mormon

> Mrs. Turner

> A Case of Conscience

> Anna Vaddock’s Fame

> War Declared

> The Dark Day

> The Speculation in Mrs. Catling

> She Married the Vicar

Vincent O’Sullivan (1868–1940) was born into a prosperous Irish American family in New York and moved to London as a child. However, Vincent spent much of his life in the demi-monde world that is the setting of many of his stories.

Publisher’s note: The version of “Sentiment” in this collection is similar to that published in the 1917 book Sentiment (also available from Solis Press). In the 1917 edition there were minor additions referring to the First World War and the the inclusion of a new final chapter.

Paperback, 9.2 inches × 6.1 inches; 234mm × 156mm; 204 pages


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