Home: An Imagined Landscape edited by Marjorie Agosín

Our century has become marked by the distinct, bitter tinge of nomadism and emigration.

The sixteen essays in this book are by writers from diverse parts of the world recalling their experiences and emotions of what is meant by the concept of Home.

Each essay is written with evocative and often lyrical tones of great beauty as well as lucidity. Many of the essays describe homes that exist no longer, and homes that have changed or disappeared through time. Yet the power of place is real: each author understands that Home belongs to the landscape of the imagination, with a power to recover and to transform.

It is perhaps no coincidence that all of the contributors make their home in the USA, a nation that has defined itself by its emigrant imagination and a nation that has allowed its immigrants to be Americans while also holding on to who they were in the past.

Through their experiences, the authors are both outsiders and insiders. They carry their dreams of homeland wherever they settle, for Home is never lost but real in its evocation and the power to remember.

Paperback, 9.2 inches × 6.1 inches; 234mm × 156mm; 224 pages.

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About the editor:

Marjorie Agosín, Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Wellesley College, is a poet, human rights activist, literary critic with an interest in Jewish literature and literature of human rights in the Americas; women writers of Latin America; and migration, identity, and ethnicity.

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Contents list

Introduction • Marjorie Agosín 

La Casa • The House


In the Direction of Home • Pauline Kaldas

Where Oblivion Shall Not Dwell • Celia Reissig-Vasile

I Come From All Places • Ruth Behar

Jasmine on the Balcony: Reflections on Thessaloniki and Beyond • Eleni Bastéa

Home—A Place Called Anywhere • Diana Anhalt

From Home to Home: Investigations on Dislocation • Clara Eugenia Ronderos

Mexico City to Chicago: Journey to a House of Dreams … • Olivia Maciel Edelman

Girl in the Ring • Marcia Douglas

Home is Where I Say—I • Cristina Ferreira Pinto-Bailey

Hungarian Childhood • B’Rácz Emöke Zsuzsánna

On Being Home •     Nisha Sajnani

Thief of Cities and my Heartbreak Homes • Domnica Radulescu

The Buried Home • Claudia Bernardi

Home in the Heart of Everything: Fabricating Memories and Magic in Simple Gifts • 

  Erika M. Mukherjee 

At Home: Philosophical Affiliations • Anne Ashbaugh

Memories of an Imagined Home • Emma Sepúlveda Pulvirenti


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