The Sailor’s Word-Book

W.H Smyth (edited by Sir E. Belcher)

First published in 1867, this comprehensive list of nautical terms defines a huge range of common and rare words relating to the author’s extensive experience of the sea at a time when ships were moving from sail to steam.

William Henry Smyth first went to sea at the age of 14 when he ran away from home to join a merchant ship in 1802. He eventually joined the Royal Navy and served for many years, ending his service at sea as a post-captain in 1824. Smyth retired from the service in 1846 and was promoted to rear-admiral and then to admiral.

Smyth died in 1865 and the book was prepared for publication by Sir Edward Belcher who was a Royal Navy officer, hydrographer and explorer.

This book will be of interest to military historians, sailors and readers of historical naval novels.

This new edition has been typeset in fresh type and includes an appendix.

Paperback, 246mm × 189mm; 384 pages


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