Unseen Harbour

Frank Laskier

“The Famous Novel of the Sea”

Stronach, the ship’s bosun, was expecting his final voyage to be a smooth passage, yet it soon becomes a test of his mettle as a man and as a sailor.

In the wake of the Second World War, the merchant ship MV Francis Hall sails from England across the Atlantic. With a crew still scarred by the traumas of the recent conflict, it is a journey that will challenge them all.

Unseen Harbour was Frank Laskier’s first and only full-length novel published just two years before his death in 1949 aged 37. Laskier himself rose to fame through a series of honest, no-nonsense BBC broadcasts that described his experiences during the Battle of the Atlantic. The success of these talks led to Laskier becoming known as the voice of the ordinary merchant seaman and this encouraged him to embark on a writing career, a move that was sadly cut by his early death.

Frank Laskier’s earlier books, My Name is Frank, which was based on the BBC radio talks, and Log Book, an autobiographical novel, have both been republished and are available from Solis Press.

234mm × 156mm; 222 pages

Paperback 978-1-910146-49-1

Publication: 9 March 2021.

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