Appreciation: Painting, Poetry and Prose 

by Leo Stein

Leo Stein (1872–1947) was an influential art collector and critic. It has been Stein’s ironic fate to be referred to as “Gertrude’s brother,” ironic as for many years he was her mentor and counsellor. 

Appreciation: Painting, Poetry and Prose is a model of lucidity, wisdom and classical simplicity. It ranges over a wide field of thought and criticism. Leo Stein’s judgements on art and literature are crisp, perceptive and original. His approach to his subject is casual, anecdotal and, though often sharp and biting, finally mellow. Reading this book is like that rare experience of listening, enchanted, for an evening to a great conversationalist, a man informed and urbane, witty and wise.


The writing is full of wisdom and subdued humor, and the book should be a stimulus and a guide to an appreciation of the arts. New Yorker. 

Without the least trace of snobbery or obscurantism [Stein] has stated the bases of his appreciation with a lucidity and directness which should disarm the most ardent of philistines and inform the most erudite of pundits … A charming, informative, and human book. Nation

[These] essays and reminiscences are valuable in their own right as an honest, amused and only slightly crotchety effort to put the whole matter of “modern art” in a clear perspective. Time

A wonderful book … [Leo Stein] has a strong feeling for using words that mean something … He has a passion for veracity. Commonweal

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Publication: 1 August 2022

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