Borderless Thalia: A Multilingual, Pandemic Comic Collection

Edited by Cătălina Florina Florescu

Borderless Thalia: A Multilingual, Pandemic Comic Collection was born out of a need to use comedy as a tool to cope with, at the time, the vast unknown of COVID-19 and to show how, through writing in English as well as in translation, we can be together, we can laugh, and we can show solidarity, thus moving forward. There is the famous Phoenix myth, the bird that manages to get reborn out form its own ashes, and afterwards stay indestructible. In a similar vein, yet in a much more refined gesture, the female playwrights selected for this volume proved that writing remains a therapeutical method, and a way to connect with one another and face any difficulty that may appear insurmountable in the moment. 

It is women of all kinds who carry the weight of the world, and not Atlas, and yet, these women teach us that we need to make time to see what is inside and around us. 

This collection includes the following playwrights: Christine Benvenuto, Barbara Blatner, Sarah Congress, Connie Dinkler, Selma Dragoş, Tjaša Ferme, Cătălina Florina Florescu, Avery Grace, Jinna Kim, Elena Naskova, Joyce Newman Scott, Ornella Ohayon, Cindi Sansone-Braff, Ellis Stump, Laurie Tanner, and Otilia Vieru-Baraboi.

Dr. Cătălina Florina Florescu holds a PhD in Medical humanities from Purdue University, teaches at Pace University in New York, curates the new play festival at Jersey City Theater Center, and she is a mother of a beautiful teen. 

234mm × 156mm; 192 pages

Paperback 978-1-910146-80-4

Hardback 978-1-910146-81-1

Ebooks also available

Published 7 December 2022

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