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Stitching Resistance: Women, creativity, and the fiber arts edited by Marjorie Agosín

People of all trades and disciplines and from around the world have the enormous capacity to convey ideas about stitching. The reader will hopefully find inspiration, delight, and a tremendous sense of awe on reading these diverse essays all united by the commonality of fabric arts and by their power to transform and inspire.

All the essays in this anthology convey fascinating, literary, personal, community, and world-level analyses of the fiber arts.

Historical fiction

The King's Jockey – a novel by Lesley Gray

The Suffragette Derby of 1913: a woman sacrifices her life for her cause, but what of the man who feels responsible for killing her?

This novel was inspired by the life of royal jockey Herbert ‘Bertie’ Jones, his rise to fame, his tragic collision with Emily Wilding Davison 100 years ago, and the dramatic events that followed.

Seafaring books

A growing series of seafaring books and novels. Click here for more details

The Wreck of the "Grosvenor"

The Wreck of the "Grosvenor", is perhaps Clark Russell's most famous book. It has been described by John Sutherland, Emeritus Professor of Modern English Literature at University College London as:

"the most popular mid-Victorian melodrama of adventure and heroism at sea".

List, Ye Landsmen!

List, Ye Landsmen!, was written at the height of Clark Russell's popularity and according to Dr Andrew Nash, University of Reading: "[Clark Russell] received his largest single payment when Cassell [the publishing company] agreed to pay £1000 for the copyright ... around £50,000 in today's money".

This seafaring adventure is set in the year of 1815, when Europe was at war, tensions were high and the open seas were a dangerous cauldron of deceit, greed and the forces of nature.

Focus on Sherlock Holmes series

The Focus on Sherlock Holmes series introduces the 24 short stories that were published in The Strand Magazine between 1891 and 1893.

Solis Classics

A growing series of affordable classic titles. All the books have been prepared to the highest standards and the type has been reset for maximum legibility.

Solis Academic

A growing series of academic titles for researchers or those in higher education.

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