Anne: An imagining of the life of Anne Frank 

Story by Marjorie Agosín

Illustrated by Francisca Yáñez

Translated from the Spanish by Jacqueline Nanfito

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl forced into hiding with her family by the Nazi regime that occupied the Netherlands in the Second World War. 

No one would have known of her, her family or their fate had it not been for the survival of the diary that she kept during this time, a book that has long been an inspiration to the poet and writer Marjorie Agosín.

In her quest to introduce more young people to this tragic tale of the irrepressible Anne, the author provides a lyrical and engaging imagining of Anne’s world. 

Through Anne’s eyes, the reader is taken on the family’s journey: their flight from Hitler’s Germany, the excitement of a new start in Amsterdam and their eventual confinement in a small set of hidden rooms where they lived in fear of discovery, transportation and likely death.

About the author:

Marjorie Agosín is an award-winning poet, essayist, fiction writer, activist, and professor. She is a prolific author: her published books, including those she has written as well as those she has edited, number over eighty. Marjorie has received the Letras de Oro Prize for her poetry, presented by Spain’s Ministry of Culture to writers of Hispanic heritage living in the United States. Her writings about, and humanitarian work for, women in Chile have been the focus of feature articles in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and Ms. Magazine. Marjorie teaches Spanish language and Latin American literature at Wellesley College, USA. She has earned notability for her outspokenness on women’s rights in Chile and the United Nations has honored her for her work on human rights. The Chilean government awarded Marjorie the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor for Life Achievement in 2002. And in 2013 she was awarded the Dr. Fritz Redlich Global Mental Health and Human Rights Award because of her outstanding human rights work, contributing to the healing of traumatized nations and communities.

Cased hardback, 8.5 inches × 8.5 inches; 216mm × 216mm; 66 pages


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