Immigrant Voices in the Pandemic

Edited by Roxana Cazan and Domnica Radulescu

This book offers a unique perspective on how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted the artistic expression of refugees, immigrants, and migrants. It is a must-read for those seeking to understand the impact of this moment in our common history on the artistic community and on humanity as a whole.

Immigrant Voices in the Pandemic invites both our imaginative engagement with and empathetic concern for those whose experiences of the global pandemic, especially the social isolation of sheltering in place, were complicated by their immigrant identities. Their voices and visions break readers out of our inevitably constrained and narrow memories of the time, which we all experienced simultaneously and separately. 

The editors, Roxana Cazan and Domnica Radulescu, have assembled an exquisite collection of images, fictions, poems, plays, and nonfiction hybrids in this anthology. 

Suzanne Keen, author of Empathy and Reading (2022) 

While the dislocation and isolation of the pandemic hit us all hard, the experience for immigrants was unique. What does lockdown look like when you're already far from home? How can one find comfort in family from the other side of a border? These themes and more are explored in the collection of stories, poems, essays, plays, and visual art that comprise Immigrant Voices in the Pandemic. In these stories of love, loss, gratitude, and pain, readers will encounter intellectually rigorous criticism as well as imagery that is transporting in its beauty. From refugee camps to convenience stores to hospital rooms, I was profoundly affected by these provocative pieces that evoke global memories and rituals from across time and space. Searing, strident, and heartbreakingly lovely, the pieces in this collection are both granular in their specificity and a testament to the universality of the world we share.

Kim van Alkemade, New York Times bestselling author
of Orphan #8 and Counting Lost Stars

234mm × 156mm; 164 pages; 8 color photographs

Paperback 978-1-910146-85-9 | Hardback 978-1-910146-86-6 | Ebooks also available

Published 4 September 2023

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Roxana L. Cazan is the author of The Accident of Birth (2017) and Tethered to the Unexpected (2021). Her poems have appeared in many magazines and journals. Her translation of Matei Visniec’s “Teeth” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Reunion at UT Dallas. 

Domnica Radulescu is a professor of comparative literature at a university in Virginia, and was twice a Fulbright scholar. She is the author of three best-selling and critically acclaimed novels: Train to Trieste (2008), Black Sea Twilight (2010), and Country of Red Azaleas (2016).


Claudia Serea:

The Year We Stayed Home

Sunflower Season on Instagram

The Hand Grenade

Lucia Cherciu:

Blue Wrapping Paper

Prayer for an Apricot Tree

Haircuts in the Backyard

Monica Manolachi:

Little Mermaids

Blue Honeycomb

Adela Sinclair:

Romanian Poet Watches Unsolved Mysteries Episode 1: Nightmares

Anna Veprinska:


Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach and Luisa Muradyan:

From “When the World Stopped Touching”

Annie Lulu:

L Kuta (Walls)


Taa (Light)

Roxana Cazan:

ode to a bell pepper

ode to hunger


Ellen Scherer:

Burning Money: A Play in One Act

Joan Lipkin:

Surviving at the A-Ok Convenience Store, Next to the Shell Station off the Highway

Cătălina Florina Florescu:

Woman, a Choreopoem (or, That Time when Michelle Obama & I Had Da Hong Pao Tea)


Amy Le:


Sandra Soli:

Year of the Probable Boom 1953: Fear of Fallout

Alexander Weinstein:



Alina Stefanescu:


N.S. Bala:

The Heat of a Serpent’s Hiss

Roxana Cazan:

Mothers, Mother-Work, and the Pandemic: A Quick Look at Gender Inequality in the Twenty-First Century

Domnica Radulescu:

Merciless “Dor” and My Three Houses of the Apocalypse

Rajiv Mohabir:

An Antiman’s Survival Despite


Octavio Quintanilla:

Los días oscuros 91

Los días oscuros 113

Los días oscuros 293

Najmeh Hoseini:


Parallel Space

que sera sera

ΔURΔ etc:

who & who

historically sync.

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